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They say


"Dan and Ben worked for me at Publicis London between 2014-2015, and yeah, I’m worried that their heads will blow up, but here I go . . . they are probably one of the best teams that have ever worked into me. Never in any instance did they come to a review where they didn’t have a thought or idea that had potential. When it came to execution they also had fantastic skills and chops. And guess what, they are super good people. I hate them."
-Andy Bird, Chief Creative Officer, Publicis New York

"Over the last couple of years Dan & Ben have tabled some cracking ideas. Some of it properly bold and brilliant. They’re smart, always challenging, and never afraid to play the ‘this sounds like bullshit’ card. But like all the best creatives, they’ll always come back with something sharper and better. Thanks for everything chaps. It’s been a pleasure."
- Dave Monk, ECD, Publicis London



We say


Hi. We’re a senior creative team that’s available for freelance.

What do we offer? Big network experience with the attitude, agility and get-shit-done philosophy of a start-up.

We solve big, brand problems with ideas that can work in any channel – from digital, to telly, print, radio, social and everything else. We also get smaller projects and products off the ground – like the beer brewed with bread that’s now a global success, or the two-sided posters that topped the global Reddit homepage.

We are experienced at pitch work, and have had a helping hand in a number of big wins over the years.

With a decade of industry experience each, we teamed up six years ago at Leo Burnett. Since then we’ve gone on to win Cannes, D&ADs and Clios, to correct the grammar of some of London’s rudest graffiti, and to have our work appear in the Tate Modern (well, the bookshop anyway).

Most recently we spent four years at Publicis London under Andy Bird and then Dave Monk, where we also ran the placement scheme and mentored young creatives.

This portfolio is just a snapshot of our work. If you’re looking for experience on a particular client, please ask. We’ve most likely worked on something similar.


Dan: +44 7899 997 498       
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Ben: +44 7921 716 474       
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